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Services provided at ILS

ILS specializes primarily in immigration law, boasting a team with deep expertise across a diverse array of immigration cases. Our lawyers hail from varied legal backgrounds, granting us the versatility to tackle matters that extend beyond immigration. With our lawyers’ adeptness in diverse fields, we adeptly handle a wide spectrum of cases, whether they pertain to migration or span broader legal arenas. If a particular procedure isn’t listed on our website, it may still fall within ILS’s services. Our website covers general procedures but not the full scope of immigration and other legal options available.


At ILS, our paramount goal is to secure the most fitting visa for each client’s distinct requirements. We excel in obtaining an array of visas that cater to a variety of needs:

  • Researcher visas to support academic and scientific endeavors.
  • Employment-seeking visas to explore job opportunities.
    Residence and work visas for comprehensive settlement.
    Visas for highly skilled personnel (PAC).
  • Visas tailored for digital nomads embracing remote work.
    And a spectrum of other specialized visas.

Our expertise spans this wide gamut of visa categories, ensuring clients receive tailored guidance to secure the appropriate visa that aligns precisely with their individual circumstances and aspirations.

ILS specializes in guiding clients through the intricacies of acquiring nationality through various modalities applicable in Spain, which include:

  • Nationality by Residence: We skillfully navigate the procedures for obtaining nationality based on residency criteria.
  • Nationality by Option: Our expertise extends to facilitating the acquisition of nationality through option provisions.
  • Nationality by Letter of Nature: We adeptly handle the process of acquiring nationality via the “letter of nature” mechanism.
  • Nationality by the Law of Democratic Memory 20/2022: Our knowledgeable approach covers the nuanced procedures outlined in the Law of Democratic Memory 20/2022 for obtaining nationality.

With comprehensive proficiency in these diverse avenues, ILS is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that seamlessly align with each client’s circumstances, ensuring a successful and streamlined path to acquiring nationality.

At ILS, our paramount objective is to secure the most suitable residence solution tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of residency fields, including:

  • Residency and Work: We excel in facilitating residency for those seeking employment opportunities.
  • Non-Profit Residency: Our proficiency extends to acquiring residency for non-profit purposes.
  • Residence for Exceptional Circumstances: We adeptly handle exceptional circumstances, covering family, social, labor ties, training, and humanitarian reasons.
  • Long-Term Residences: We assist in securing long-term residency solutions.
  • Other Residences: Our expertise spans various specialized residencies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to diverse needs.
With in-depth knowledge of these various fields, ILS is dedicated to providing customized solutions that precisely align with each client’s specific circumstances, guaranteeing a successful and efficient pathway to attaining the desired residency status.

The list of services provided is not exhaustive. In ILS we can also take care of: